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We deliver mail order mysteries for kids through the mail. Your child gets letters & objects from characters in the mystery, puzzles to solve & codes to crack.

For a while now the country has been allowing foreigners to come in and work. All the youth crew singalongs you could want. You have every right to hold her accountable for her choices.

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James Beagle was the first-known account of a child being sent through the mail. (Public Domain) In the next few years, stories about children being mailed through rural routes would crop up from time to time as people pushed the limits of what could be sent through Parcel Post.
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Unique gifts for kids! Art supplies, craft kits, educational toys & personalized mail for children.

My reservations about this book are that I have read better written biographies and there may be more interest for this book in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado where the book primarily takes place. Though not a critical purchase, it is an interesting one and should be part of any collections that highlight the Orphan Train movement.

Mar 30, Claire rated it it was amazing. I had never heard of mail-order children before coming across this book and my first thoughts were along the lines of child trafficking, but the blurb made me curious so I had to listen to it, I'm so glad I did. The book is beautifully written and it makes the story of Teresa come alive, and it's a story that needs to be remembered, along with the stories of the other children who were moved across America separating them from everything they had known.

Teresa's story is heartbreaking because the I had never heard of mail-order children before coming across this book and my first thoughts were along the lines of child trafficking, but the blurb made me curious so I had to listen to it, I'm so glad I did.

Teresa's story is heartbreaking because the home she went to was not a loving one and her early life is not one that you would want for any child and yet she was able to make a good life for herself, she became very successful and she was vocal in talking about what happened to her, making sure no one could ignore what had happened, she became an inspiration to many. Heartbreaking, triumphant, and inspiring, this true story is not to be missed.

The narration is spot on, making Teresa's life come alive. The character voices are excellent and the delivery took me on an emotional journey. Aug 15, Kristine rated it liked it Shelves: Although she would be removed from Schoenchen in to nearby Abilene, the discipline and abuse she undergoes well into high school is punitive and somewhat graphic. She eventually marries twice, gives birth to two daughters, moves to Denver, works as librarian for many years, and researches her family and parents in New York as a result of attending meet-ups with other orphan train riders throughout the ss.

Nov 09, Cristie Underwood rated it it was amazing. I cannot believe the life the orphan train rider that the author focused on experienced! The author did an amazing job of researching a topic that is typically not researched so thoroughly. By narrowing the focus of the writing to mainly one child, the author made it possible for me to vividly imagine what life was like for this poor child. I do not think I would have been as invested if there were more stories told, as I think the flow of the book would not have been as good if the author Wow!

I do not think I would have been as invested if there were more stories told, as I think the flow of the book would not have been as good if the author had to weave back and forth between experiences of several people. Early years The first part of this book was more like a fictional biography.

The author took lots of liberties as to support the more complex thoughts of a young child. Half way through Part II felt as if she was writing random snippets of memories. The book lacked continuity. Definitely a fascinating topic of America history to learn about. Teresa Very, very interesting book.

Such a sad story, to have no family, sent to a strange place only to have people look down on you. How cruel others can be when they have no idea the pain you suffer. Highly recommend reading this book! Jun 15, Adrienne rated it liked it. Mail Order Kid was a memoir and didn't flow like the fictional story.

I still enjoyed reading about this time in history by a person who actually lived thru it. Interesting information on a fascinating topic. Interesting story, I think I would have liked it better if there had been more extensive stories on other orphans in place e of some of the later history on Teresa but who knows.

I did enjoy following her story. Informative This book was an eye opener. I never realized that this happened to so many children. Teresa was a very courageous woman who strived to better herself. This book inspired me. This was a fascinating look into the life of one child that was placed into a home by the Orphan Train.

She has many issues finding her place. It is sad yet happy in spots. Nov 06, Trena rated it really liked it. Very well written book about a subject that I didn't know much about. Jul 20, Donna Reedy rated it really liked it. Jul 29, Blanca E. Great story Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down! It is a great book to read. What an incredible read!! I had read a fictional account of the Orphan Train. She survived, and thrived, despite her circumstances, what a brave lady.

Sep 23, Judith rated it liked it. I read this non-fiction book for a book group meeting. We had a good discussion. Jan 06, Julie rated it liked it. I enjoy reading stories like Mail-Order Kid: Coffey focuses her book mainly on the recollections and personal records of Theresa Feit, who rode on an orphan train from New York City to rural Kansas in the early 's. Mail-Order Kid chronicles Theresa's life, from her earliest years in New York City through adulthood and into her life as an elderly woman.

Although not a literary masterpiece by any sense there are grammatical errors, and many passages are strangely worded , the book is fairly easy to read, and keeps a lively tone that made me stay up late several nights to finish it. Jan 15, Lucy rated it liked it. I found this interesting because my Dad's brother, my Uncle Joe, was an orphan train child. This book amazed me with its statistics of half a million children shipped from New York city orphanages The New York Foundling Home and The Children's Aid Society by rail to every state in the union bx and While this book deals with the survival of one small child until the age of 90, it is the entire phenomenon of relocating half a million children, even more than the Children's crusade tha I found this interesting because my Dad's brother, my Uncle Joe, was an orphan train child.

While this book deals with the survival of one small child until the age of 90, it is the entire phenomenon of relocating half a million children, even more than the Children's crusade that is amazing. These children left behind a metropolitan culture for the wide open spaces. What began as foster care and adoption often resulted in physical, mental and sexual abuse, whippings and neglect, isolation and loneliness. Fighting fascinating battles many orphans indeed succeeded while others dealt with displacement all their lives.

Jan 23, Audrey rated it really liked it. Powerful story of the Orphan Train Riders. The author focuses on mostly one child and follows her complete life story. There is a peripheral sprinkling of the situation of others as well. I wish the author had done a little more research on at least one other child but the availability of Teresa Feit and her compelling personal history was enough to carry the book.

It is so disturbing to me how many people not only perpetrate abuse but are allowed to by others. Jun 28, May rated it really liked it. It was made more interesting because the little girl was raised so near to my childhood home, but I became completely engrossed as I read on and realized she was the grandmother of one of my childhood friends.

History was truly brought to life for me with that connection. Mar 09, Sharon rated it really liked it. I only became aware of the Orphan Trains a couple of years ago. This book was enlightening, to say the least. We tend to thing that the U. But, that's not what this book dwells on. It's an interesting slice of history, as well as well researched. Mar 08, T J rated it really liked it. This is book is about an Orphan Train child named Teresa in her own voice.

Her voice makes this a more meaningful tale. So far most stories are from 's but Teresa story was in the time of my grandmothers and Teresa lived until I learned a lot from this book and am looking forward to finding another story. Jun 20, Emily rated it it was ok. Both of your stories. I almost feels second hand triggered watching the creeps on your behalf! I could never believe what Mark says about his ex or his past.

The plane was full of old single white dudes. I actually sat next to one who tried to spark up a convo - nah mate, not gonna happen, sicko.

I could literally smell the douchbaggerie emanating from every inch of him. Do they just accept it as a normal part of life? I have been wanting to visit Thailand for a while but every person I know who goes comes back with stories of the vile drunk and debauched sex tourists. I probably would spend most of my holiday picking fights with these types, I just find it too irresistible. So not a good holiday destination for me.

I do know however that Australian Federal Police do a lot of stings over there on all the pedos so I guess someone is trying That's so messed up what happened to you. There's always going to be people like that in the world but I hope your doing good now. I am doing great now and so is my mom. So glad to hear this. You deserve a happy ending after enduring what you went through.

Take and enjoy every opportunity that you can create for yourself so that you never had to put up with anything that diminishes you. Wishing you a lifetime of kindness and laughter, mi amore. Go try to sell your poor excuse of a cock elsewhere. One time I was taking a cebu pacific flight fr Manila to another island. And I people watch it is actually part of a degree to study people, patterns. More than regular Filipinos. Or those who you could tell lived abroad like myself. When one of those men would look at me, the girl would get very clingy and bitchy at me.

It was absolutely hilarious, incredulous, and sad at the same time. In Australia we have a lot of Bhatmen who get a Thai mail order and put her to work in a restaurant and then import a bunch of her family members to work there too. Wow, thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you are ok now and living a good life but I'm sorry for everything you had to go through to get to that light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm not a child of a mail order bride but my mother is from Latin America and my dad is an American. Typical soldier meets foreign woman type of story. My mom I don't think was looking for a better life as my parents origanlly planned to just stay in her country but it was hard for my dad and his zero knowledge of Spanish which makes me question how they even communicated. I mean there were no translator apps in the '80s! My dad was transferred to the US where I was born then to Europe and then my dad decided on going to my mom's country to try and live but they eventually ended up in the states.

My grandmother was a MOB from the Philippines. She moved to FL with the new husband and had a new baby with him. Eventually the older two kids moved to FL as well, but they were both adults by then. My grandfather ended up bringing a second wife over from the Philippines, but he died a while ago. They painted Daya of Daya and Brett in such a negative light at first, and she ended up being so sweet. It is not harsh to be unforgiving of your mother.

You have every right to hold her accountable for her choices. What she subjected you to in a quest for material wealth and status is unforgivable. I appreciate you saying that, it gets tiring being told by various family members how I should have some compassion.

Your family members are not you. They did not experience your life. They have no right to judge your support or condemnation of her. Their relationship with her is not the same as yours. She had a responsibility to her children to love you and keep you safe. And she failed at that. It is entirely understandable that you would feel hatred and contempt for her. It is possible to love someone, but not like the person they are.

And to choose not to have them in your life. Unfortunately she got out of the situation for selfish reasons, she wanted to have more money and fuck other guys! Soon as she got out of that she was banging guys left and right while leaving me at home to look after my brother while I was in high school we have a 7 year age gap. I love you and your brother!!

This bit made me smile. And I needed it after you're story. I have two little boys and the day I ever let a man, especially not their father not even him, though lay a hand on them is when I am cold and dead. I don't blame you. And I am sure eventually you mourn the loss of the mother you wanted and deserved. Don't worry about what anyone else says.

I think because he took so much shit growing up as an adult he enjoys putting them both in their place. Good for you for seeing the truth though. I hope you heal emotionally and use any bad energy to keep you going on the high road.

Big internet hugs from a stranger. Wow this is one of the best post I ever read on reddit. I never felt so emerged into a post before. I'm sorry this happened but really glad you overcame it. My mother ended up finding a new husband, yet another alcoholic. She has cost you enough already. WTF happened to her to cause her to have such poor judgment and to expect other people to bail her out of the consequences of her bad decisions? Seriously, you shouldn't feel guilty for doing this Oh man its good you get along with the new husband now at least.

I wouldn't give money either if that was me. Do you think she had learned her lesson or would she pretty much do things the same way again if she had the chance? Stopped to see my sister after work so taking a late train home now - this story had me glued to my seat!

Makes you wonder what will the children of these couples be like when they get older and youtube the videos of their parents early years? You know for some reason I have this weird feeling that Luis might have done something creepy to her when the cameras where not around. I bet that may have been the final contributing factor for Molly to give him the boot and she may have not wanted the public to know about it.

OMG that super creepy conversation Luis had with Olivia made me cringe so much.. Made Luis into looking like a potential child molester. Yeah but to be honest, do you think the editor should have used common sense and left that out on the cutting room floor? Wouldn't something like that trigger a visit from CPS once the episode aired? Oh yeah for sure. Especially since Olivia got the fuck out of the house. My mother dated a guy who would say stuff like that to me and just be completely inappropriate.

I made sure to get the fuck out of the house when he was going to be around and went and stayed at my now husbands place. He was sexually suggestive to Olivia when they were playing pool. He was asking her questions about her boyfriend. This hits a very sore nerve with me. I must be close to your age born and also from that part of the world. Your story is very powerful and tragic, but it's certainly not exactly unusual, even to this day. Many women chasing luxury ended up selling themselves into slavery to westerners.

I've seen it too. I was lucky that my parents were both functional and stayed together to raise me when all hell broke loose in the 90s. I often see this excuse on 90day reddit that "omg poor women, they just want a better life" when in reality, all too often it's just about chasing that western lifestyle no matter if they have to sell themselves and their children.

Being a glorified prostitute for some consumer goods. Even if the drama about her relationship with Jorge is most likely entirely put on, that just makes it even worse. Because you look at her Instagram and you could see how young girls from those walks of life might idolise that and see it as the way to go. What makes me the most sad is when it seems like the parents are selling their young daughters into slavery for a "dowry" to these old sex tourists.

Then they wind up in America or other similar countries and their lives are way way worse than if they had stayed in poverty. OP what a story. I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope you are living a good life with your husband. Not a mail order bride story but my cousin was desperately in love with his childhood sweetheart. Both families were very close. But they decided to get her married to a wealthier man, a doctor.

Arranged marriages in India for wealth are the norm as many would guess. This guy was a monster. They went to America and he abused her. Happily she got out and somehow rekindled the relationship with my cousin, now one of the I. They are married now with a beautiful little girl. I wish more people understood this.

You can earn money. Virtually anyone can get some kind of job and work your way up - and find someone who actually cares about you to join forces with. But if you sell yourself in an effort to get that money, you may well be trapped and actually end up far worse off than you ever were before.

I was supposed to edit it and say money can be a factor in relationships. But you put it so well. What a powerful story. Thanks for sharing your story. Im sorry about what happened to you. I wonder if your experience can bring any insight into our beloved 90DF. Can you see any warning signs in any of the couples? I found it pretty alarming that Jon was acting so damn cool and over the top excited about Rachel having a baby.

Ian Watkins comes to mind as he too liked befriending single mothers like that. Wow thank you, that actually means a lot.

I used to love his music as a teenager too! Have you ever been on a subreddit called raised by narcissists? Yeah I can never listen to Lost Prophets again because of what that man did. I really hope that not what Jon is about. Didn't want to mention it because that would be a big accusation. And usually my mind is suspicious and dark enough to go there haha. The Ian Watkins senario that you are alluding to is much more common than people think Are you still living in Australia?

If so, hello from a fellow Aussie! I'm glad everything ended up working out for you, but I am so sad that you had to endure such a childhood, along with your brother. Thank you for sharing this story. Your father sounded like a great man - may all of his best qualities continue to live on through you - sounds like they certainly are. They got married within 3 months of living here so I assume she got here on a K1 Visa. My Dad passed away in She just showed up one day.

This story is why I don't object to TLC quietly showing us the bad and creepy sides of the couples they put on this show. It's also why I keep saying that there's a reason not to get married as a "business arrangement," because the other person - whether husband or wife - only sees you as a means to an end.

The minute you are no longer providing what they want - or you expect more from them than what they signed on for - they will discard you like the object they consider you to be either sex object or wallet. Or, even worse, they will refuse to leave and demand that you keep providing the support you said you'd give them.

Try and get them out, especially if they've already bled you dry of cash and destroyed your health with the constant fighting and infidelity. Yes, this does happen - I saw it happen to a guy I knew in high school, who was on the rebound after a divorce and stupidly brought over a delicate Asian flower to take care of him. She agreed so she could have that "better life. This is not a marriage.

That's why it bothers me so much when I see these arrangements defended here on these boards as "everybody getting what they want. Until you've seen, or experienced, what really happens in those arrangements, you have no idea. The silver-lining to horrible parenting are kids who break the circle of dysfunction to become better people. It's not easy and often takes years of struggle.

Sounds like you're on a far better path. Coming to the place of "understanding" that your mother was imperfect.. When we can finally set down the anger from our memories Thanks for sharing this story! My heart breaks reading about your father! Hopefully he rests in peace now knowing you have a better life. What your stepfather did is absolutely horrible and inexcusable.

So sorry that this happened to you. I'm so sorry you and your half brother and bio father had to go through this. Keep living your best life now! It already has, big time!

I sometimes think that cats or dogs are the most beautiful companies for people who were not too fortunate with other people in life There is no worse Karma than that of one that presents himself with stolen valor. He will get his in the end Thank you for sharing such a powerful, moving story. I'm so sorry you and your brother went through this.

My heart breaks for you both. I am happy to hear that you are in a better place now. Thank you for sharing your story. It's heartbreaking what you, your brother and your father had to go through. Wow thank you for sharing your powerful story! This was really well written. So happy to hear you are doing well now!!

I like to think him getting injured was karma.

In the early days of the parcel post, some parents took advantage of the mail in unexpected ways

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