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All Year wool Gray as shown. Pick from our stylist-selected complete outfits, or build a custom look.

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Oct 17,  · If you are average height and slender and want a slim fit suit with a shorter jacket, visit River Island for a cheaper version or Spencer Hart for the
A great option for budget-constrained uni students to take their first step into the suit genre, Topman's cheap and cheerful offerings are the best way to get into a basic black slim-fit suit .
Good vibes are coming your way 🏄 Stay in Touch. More Info. Tuxedos & Suits; Our Story; Careers.
For more detail, google: Hugo boss Slim-fit travel suit in micro-patterned virgin wool. Leg opening '. Length
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Buy Men's bespoke slim fit Suits and OC Tuxedos in Orange County. The Suits Co is specialized in men's Italian designer suits, modern wedding suits and tuxedos, prom suits, tailored formal and business suits, suit jackets, custom dress shirts, men's dress shoes & ties in Orange, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, and nearby cities About The Suit Co.

This can be even more agitated by getting your suit dry cleaned, so unless you've spilt a Big Mac down the front of your jacket, I would advise getting your suits pressed rather than dry cleaned and sponging out any small stains. Dry cleaning should only be done twice a year as it can damage the cloth and in some cases cause the fabric to become shiny.

Partially lined suits are pretty rare in England as it's cold here days of the year. Men often associate unlined and half lined suits with being cheaper than fully lined suits.

In reality it takes more skill to create an unlined jacket because the innards are visible for all to see. So don't let a lack of lining put you off if you're after something a bit lighter.

However, always opt for jackets with lined sleeves so your arms slide smoothly in and out of the jacket. Most high street suits are made by automated machines. Often this means the lapel is pressed completely flat so that there's no air between where the lapel curls and hits the jacket near the button.

Well made suits have what's known as a soft roll. It's something to look out for. The lapel won't look like it's been pressed down flat against the chest with a steam roller, but more like it has been curved gently by hand. It's a nice insider's detail that gives the jacket more life than the flatness of a lot of machine-made suits. A good suit should be breathable. It should help keep the body at an even temperature and should not trap heat. Polyester, in general, due to being synthetic, retains heat and gets wrinkled easily.

Some polyester fabrics also have a glossy shine - so always look at the fabric composition label. Silk is beautiful but has a luxurious shine that doesn't appeal to all men.

The best suits also pay attention to smallest details: Most of us who have bought off-the-rack suits can relate to this issue: You buy a beautiful suit, only to notice that the jacket sits away from your torso. Most off-the-rack suits are designed for generic body types. If like me you most certainly are not generic, you need to know where to look to find the best shape for your body type.

I'm looking for something other than Jos A. Based on a forum search I came up with: Just trying to get some color on a few a brands and what you guys recommend given my budget. Shooting for a slim cut suit as well. If you find BB for under please let us know. Get 40, bonus points with Chase Sapphire Preferred. Fly NYC to London for free. Although this has been done before, and search is your friend, my advice is to check out Brooks Brothers, Mens Warehouse, Jos.

Bank and outlet malls. You can find great deals at the Saks, Nordstroms and Neiman's outlets. You just gotta find the right retailers. I have two and they cost me 1k and 2K the 2k was a ripoff looking back. Honestly, just get something grey and navy blue that fits you well. Get it tailored and no one will give a crap. I had to find a tailor who worked magic to fix it. You are going to beat the shit out of these suits at a junior level. Get something that is more durable and not going to break the bank.

If you really can't spend anymore than that just go to Jos A Bank. For the price you get a pretty decent suit and if you get a good tailor to work on it for you it will look way better than a typical Jos A Bank suit. They get a bad rap on here but if you are on a budget it is a great place to get some work clothes.

You can also check out places like Nordstrom Rack but if you go there you can't really be too picky because just finding anything in your size can be difficult. Seriously, you worked so hard to get into ibanking just to end up buying crappy clothes? What is wrong with you people!!! The material is great, and the two I have, I've had for 2 years now with no signs of wear. I would also check out Burlington. The cheapest I found those suits was for off Gilt. Talking about Gilt, you will also want to check them out.

I'd say it was a good deal. My family isn't wealthy like the ballers on this forum. I agree with the outlet shopping.

I did my pre-SA shopping at Nordstrom Rack and got the following three suits:. Another good place is Gilt Groupe. You can find a pretty high end suit for a low price if you have lucky timing. Just be sure to get it in the right size and then have it tailored privately once it ships.

Finally, it isn't ridiculous to try a mid-level department store like Macy's. I asked if the sale was something that was common and the clerk said yes, they have pretty frequent discounts in the men's department. They are produced for the discount store chains and are not the same quality and they are fused. They are called Hickey Freeman Ltd although the tag may not indicate it.

You can tell by looking at your label if it does not have a model name ie Madison etc then it is a Ltd suit. The Ltd line is machine made and fused together. Even if you ask the people who work at Nordstrom rack they wont know and will just tell you whatever. Brooks Bros make some good stuff, but You mentioned slim fit--if you are a rail like my self you have to insist on having everything taken in usually more than they are comfortable with.

If you're in NYC, try Syms. They sell discounted suits all brand name in your price range. Plus they got a pretty good selection. In terms of brand names, Lauren Ralph Lauren is a solid choice.

Just an FYI for you guys, I read an interview with the Gilt founder that mentioned one of the things he wouldn't buy from his site is suits.

I'm not saying don't by them, but I'd be careful about buying from there, maybe to the point of buying suits a size or two bigger. In the end you come out on top, even after paying a tailor. Bb has a sale where you can buy any two suits for currently at the outlets. I was just out at an outlet yesterday and saw this deal. The lady said they always run that deal. It is Brooks' line Anyone have any experience with these suits? I'm sure they're of lesser quality than the suits, but better value at that price point?

I talked to my friends that work at Brooks Brothers. The semi annual clearance sale will be the third week of July. Press has great stuff. So far in this thread, Rana is the only one who has given you the option for the best bang for your buck. Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. What's your price range?

In the end, as an analyst or intern, it doesn't matter what brand your suits are, as long as they fit well and are clean. JCrew too, but a little more expensive. Alfani is not good.

It is inexpensive cost and cheap quality. It is fully fused JCrew is not that inexpensive at all and it's decent quality. Tommy Hilfiger, believe it or not, is decent for a low price point. Other than that, I say look for Hickey Freeman if you're slimmer, they used to carry a different line called 'hickey' that was for younger men , Brioni, Brooks Brothers if you're slimmer, go for their Fitzgerald fit , etc.

Go check out Nordstrom Rack. Sometimes they have total crap, but sometimes they have some really good deals Burberry, Boss, etc. I'd stay away from J Crew for suits. Saks or Bergdorf if you have the money. This determines the brands in your range. Location or where you travel a lot to. NYC and LA have options. Boss is fused think glue and un-canvassed. RLPL is nice, but you can do better in that price range. I have been looking into this company http: The cool thing is being able to choose the features you want e.

Note that I haven't actually purchased their suits yet so I can't comment on the actual quality first hand, but everything I've heard sounds like they're decent. Have heard some people swear by them, and also heard some people who were less than pleased with their purchases, so quite divisive on this brand. My personal take on it is that it's worth the price.

The bad press comes from people who expect it to be more than what it is. I think some people expect it to stack up against a Brioni or Zegna or Hermes, and quite frankly, it won't.

I wouldn't expect it to, either. The only thing I think would stack against an Indochino suit for the cost would be one from Suitsupply. Suitsupply does offer MTM, but it starts around double the price of their entry level model.

I hope this isn't serious. This fucking killed me, everyone is looking at me for laughing so hard. I think too many people get a hard on for expensive suits and don't realize the utter pain in the ass they are. The fabric is delicate, you need to steam them to preserve them, they are expensive and honestly, it is the accoutrements that make you look like a million bucks. The shoes, shirt, tie, cuff links, pocket square, nice shave and haircut , etc. That is where you get the bang for your buck.

Few suits match the quality of the ones in this category. Quality is superior to most suits. I have my suits custom made for USD, with top notch fabrics super english and italian wool. Where are the best value suits right now? I've not much experience with suits, and I've already taken back the two I just bought at the Macy's one-day sale the other day after getting them home and realizing what shit they were literally threads popping out of the sleeves and I haven't even worn the damned things yet.

Moving to NY in three weeks and then starting ft about two weeks thereafter, so I can check out anywhere in NYC or online. If I have to choose, at least at first, is it more essential to have the light-up shirt in the arsenal, or should I start with the programmable belt buckle? Once again, totally new to this and hadn't even considered some of these finer details Going full floating canvas for that price seems like a steal.

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Best place for Suits Originally Posted: Hedge Fund Interview Questions. Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers. Best Modeling Courses - Finance Training. Hong Kong, get them tailored. Investment Banking Interview Case Samples.

I don't even know what to say to that. Vents, which are the slits at the back of the jacket, allow more movement. They also attract the eye, so huskier guys may not want to accentuate their backside. Instead, go for a single-vent jacket, which will give you the extra room you need minus the extra attention. On a tall, skinny guy, lightweight fabrics will hang and make you look all the more frail.

Opting for heavier wools that hold their form is the smart decision; suits constructed from this type of fabric will give you much-needed proportion and the appearance of additional weight. Ask the salesmen for tweed or a heavier weight worsted wool. While the fabric should be heavy, the color should be light. Lighter colors, thanks to their visual powers, make things appear more bulky in this case, you. Then you have the dubious distinction necessary to wear a three-button jacket.

Since three buttons create height and length, tall guys, with their longer torsos, can pull this look off successfully. While bulky and short guys would be advised to stick to two-button jackets, tall and skinny guys are eligible for this modish feature only button the top two buttons, though. With no junk in the trunk, tall, skinny men have two options for the vent: Sticking with a single-vent or ventless jacket produces a modest, fuller look in the rear.

The best way to prevent seeming any taller than you are is to ensure the pants have a longer rise; the rise of the pants, which is the distance from the waistband to the crotch, helps establish the proportions between the body and the legs. For vertically challenged guys, the choice of fabrics is wide open, while the option for loud patterns is not.

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And if these still feel as if they are hanging on you I would take them to a reputable tailor who should be able to have them fitting you perfectly. Indeed, I would advise everyone to have off-the-peg suits altered to fit - you would be amazed at the difference this can make. Slim Fit Suits: - Your Online Suits Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! Overstock uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site. If you continue on our site, you consent to the use of such cookies. Men Suit Purple 3 Pieces Notch Lapel Rounded Neckline Vest Slim Fit Mens Suits. SALE ends in 2 days. SuitFellas is the Best Place to buy Suits in Los Angeles and Online, Specializing in Modern, Slim Fit, and Classic styles to fit all tastes and budgets.

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