Measurements By Dress Size in cm and Inches

How to measure: Measure around the widest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your natural waist, and the widest part of your hips. Wear your usual bra while .

See our Brand Size Guides page for more information. Additionally, because of her sex object status of which she was acutely aware , she never could date men properly. Her school had a 70s day and she and her friends wore all my old clothing.

Oct 08,  · A size 4 would be about 26 inches. Generally you can add 21 or 22 to the dress size (4, 6, 7) and end up with the waist size in inches. Keep in mind that not every size 4 fits the same but .
Myth: Marilyn Monroe was a size From Roseanne Barr stating, “I’m more sexy than Pamela Lee or whoever else they’ve got out there these days. Marilyn Monroe was a size
Myth: Marilyn Monroe was a size From Roseanne Barr stating, “I’m more sexy than Pamela Lee or whoever else they’ve got out there these days. Marilyn Monroe was a size
How to measure: Measure around the widest part of your bust, the narrowest part of your natural waist, and the widest part of your hips. Wear your usual bra while .
Measure around the chest at the fullest point of the bust. Waist. Measure around your natural waistline. Hips/Seat. Measure around fullest point of seat while standing. Inseam. Measure similar pants that fit you well. Lay them flat, with the front and back creased smooth. Measure along the inseam from crotch to bottom of leg hem.
Marilyn Monroe was Not Even Close to a Size 12-16

Fashion can be sized according to different measurements, so be sure to select your size based on the Fit Guide found beneath the image on the product page. For example, if the Fit Guide is

None of the Kennedy males can keep their pants zipped or keep control of their dick. There are plenty of living Kennedy males. The one that dated Taylor Swift comes to mind. Try not to be so clever. You forgot to mention that Roseanne Barr is an idiot…or maybe she was trying to be a funny fat person.

No, almost all of the info is incorrect. Even the title is factually incorrect! True, her weight fluctuated throughout her career, but size 16? Liz Hurley is an idiot. Marilyn Monroe was clearly a petite woman. A lady who wears size 24 can be petite if she is short. When I was 19 years old, I wore a size I was pounds, 5 ft.

I remember all this because that was the year I was married and I needed the measurements for my wedding dress. I have been married for 56 years and at our 50th anniversary, I gave my wedding dress to my youngest grand-daughter who was 10 years old, to use for playing dressup with her friends. Sizes have changed so much over the years! It would probably be a size 0 today. Joan Palmer, I guess sizes have really changed, my waist is about 22 inches and my hips about What about the difference in garments?

Most women back then were still using a corset or some sort of under garment to pull in the waist and garments were measured assuming this was in place.

So were any of the measurements accurate? Evolution created taller people and in order to have taller people the waist and such will become proportionate to the rest of the body. I mean did you intend to hint that women are just simply fatter on purpose today? We are still evolving that is why people in the fifties were smaller not just women the men were too.

Otherwise the article was entertaining and fun but a bit condescending towards women in my opinion. Actually, she permanently altered her body through corseting. Take a look at her chest xrays. The perceived difference in height from the s to today is often very overstated. If doorways are the judge, then the Southerners from the same time period would have been giants with all of the foot doorways and foot ceilings in Charleston and other old cities. They married men of 6ft. Avg size never thin or fat, but at least 10lbs or more in weight.

They weighed less in our family than the girls and the guys do now. In fact, he told me it would probably improve my writing, in terms of readability, to take more liberties with my grammar, rather than sticking to the hard fast rules so rigidly. He thought this would particularly help when doing science articles, which can at times come across a little dry and heavy. That being said, I do thank you for catching my typos.

Without you Grammar Nazis, they would remain in my work forever. I loved this article and everything on the site—- you put a lit of work into this site and it evident.

Grammatical errors and punctuation errors are only going to get worse as time goes on. Teachers cannot mark errors as incorrect any more. Imagine working at a law firm and bitching about editing at 3am.

You sound very unprofessional and honestly not a fabulous writer. I refuse to let mine do common core and make the school substitute it or I teach her math. America already cannot compete academically across the world, we do not need a system that makes it worse! Stepping off of soapbox. My sentiments, exactly, Alan. I used all caps to highlight the improper grammar and replace it with proper wording.

When I was on active duty in the Air Force an old sergeant taught me to give my police reports the once over reading them backwards. Helped me catch a lot of typos. This backwards idea still makes me laugh when ever i try it. A late know it all Aunt of mine told me to try this some 25 years ago.

How can i find typos when i am laughing? I used to be a fur finisher …. I used mannequins for that purpose and I also had one at home as I sewed most of my clothing by hand. I was very picky , was very small and had a tiny waist. It was difficult to find clothing to fit me. How could she be a 36D if her bust measurement is only 35 inches?

My guess is that she is actually a 32D or even a 30DD. I get so annoyed when people say that! Thank you thank you thank you. No idea why people playboy? People are stuck in the A-to-D-only paradigm, from the first mass-produced bras which only went up to a D-cup from what I can find — happy to be corrected by anyone who knows for sure.

Actually, the cup size is determined by the ratio between the rib cage measurement and the around the bust measurement. So without further information, there is no way to guess the bra size with any accuracy.

There is no way Marilyn was a 30 or My wife is a 32 and she has a smaller ribcage than Marilyn did. As for cup size, I estimate a D at most and maybe a C.

Your wife then needs to size down in the band and up in the cup, correspondingly. I recently discovered the wonders of smaller bands online and now wear a 30E or 28F depending on the brand. But sizing has changed — each letter just means one inch difference between the band and bust measurements. The 32 refers to the measurement, in inches, from under her bust.

She should have worn a 35 or 36 DD. In some movies, she was slimmer than in others. But even when she was a bit plump, she was still more beautiful than Elizabeth Hurley. You are talking rail skinny, to maybe an extra lbs, back to rail skinny.

There is no way she was the weight they studio claimed her to be. Jayne Mansfield and other actresses of the day had better proportions , and who cares about the dress size discrepancy, her thighs and hips WERE quite large and her upper body was quite small.

If Marilyn indeed had an IQ of , she was a whopping 63 points above the average, approximately 4 standard deviations above average. Thus, I would say all reports of her IQ are hearsay.

She may not have been a physicist, but how many average looking high school dropout housewives achieve what she did? Does Paris Hilton ring any bells? Also, iq tests are hogwash. You are right, it was done for publicity. But again, she may not have been a brain surgeon, but achieved a lot for anyone. People with higher IQs almost always accomplish more than people with lower IQs.

The only reason that people dismiss IQ numbers is as a defense mechanism because they have low ones. People dismissed Iggy Pop in his day because of the onstage nudity and smearing himself with condiments, but he is wickedly smart, as is evident anytime he is interviewed.

I wear a 34C and my current bust measurement is 34 inches. I have to wear them on the last of the three clasps furthest out. When I was in my teens, I wore a 36B. My bust measurement was 35 inches and I had to wear my bras on the first of the three clasps nearest in. If Monroe were alive today with a 35 inch bust, she would wear a 36 bra and need to clasp it on the first or second one for a comfortable fit.

Anything smaller would squeeze her and give off the appearance that her breasts are falling out of her bra and anything larger would aggravate her skin from too much movement of the fabric on top of giving the appearance that her breasts are smaller than they are. The only way this could be confusing to anyone is a result of a lack of education and training in proper bra fitting.

Many women today do not know how to properly do so, which is why there are women specifically trained in this area to help women with picking out the appropriate bra sizes. For someone talking about proper education on bra fitting surely you realise the number is the underbust measurement and the letter is the bust size…. If your under-bust measurement is 34 you wear a size 34 bra, then A,B, C, etc according to the cup measurement.

Bra sizes used to be measured like this. Under bust measurement eg 34 band size add 4 if even number or 5 if odd number. Measure the bust eg You then take one from the other to give a number in this case 2 and use a chart to work out the cup size. Your measurement would then be 34 and what ever cup size the chart showed. Bigger cup sizes have been introduced so the chart would be different now. Does anyone remember an ad campaign done by Bali the bra manufacturer. They stated cup size varied.

I found that so true. You could get measured properly in the lingerie dept. They gave you a size, but different lines would fit differently for the same size. I was the same size as my cousins but I was fuller looking than they were and yet we measured the same. My point is, Marilyn looks busty, someone with the same size can look totally different due to shape of the breast with the same measurement. And, many women in the U. Doing this ensures that the small stock of DD- and DDD-cup bras are purchased only by the bustiest customers.

When your shopping options are J. We can hardly blame women when it is the stores, brands, and members of the fashion industry perpetuating the trend and profiting from it.

Evy, my bust measurement is now 34 inches 87cm and band measurement 27 inches 70cm. The number is the band measurement, the letter is the breast measurement.

The band is supposed to be tight. Most of the support comes from the band. If the breasts bulge, then you need a bigger cup. Most women use bras that have too big band and too small cup, and that causes the bulging, the band riding up in the back and all the other problems.

Then, she would be wearing something like 30DD, or 28E. This was an interesting and revealing article about Marilyn. I had always wondered about her true size because they bring it up so much, and it is interesting to see how urban legends distorted this.

I always thought Marilyn look skinny but curvy in many photos and movies, and the one above confirms this. Fitters were instructed to measure the underbust, and add 4 inches if the result was an even number, or 5 inches if the result was an odd number.

The final number was them matched to a chart indicating which cup size corresponded to which number: Bras have changed quite a bit since the midth century, with much stretchier bands and far rounder, softer cups, but the sizing techniques have, for the most part, not — at least not in the U. Any woman who wants to be fitted correctly has only a small handful of stores from which to choose, and may live hours from the nearest one.

And even if she is fitted correctly, she will have little to choose from if her correct measurements fall outside the typical, 32AADDD stock. Isa, b and c are not the same cup size, no matter what band size i use my breasts will not fit into a b cup and they bludge making it look like they are falling out the top of my bra giving that look of having four breasts.

Its been proven that adding inches to a womans band measurement renders a bra useless and is ill fitting for the majoirty of women. The reasons in the 50s bra sizing was different was because there was hardly any elasticity and didnt move like modern bras.

Also most models lie about there meausrments most models are rectangles or straight up and down while they have hourglass measurments. Thank goodness someone has it right!

Impossible for me to be sure on any of the alleged Monroe vital statistics in modern-day terms, particularly the bra sizes. And as Faith said, I also simply cannot believe that modern day fashion models actually possess those rather hourglass measurements as cited. They do generally look indeed, very far from hourglass shapes.

Most fashion models I see have far more slight and decidedly un-curvaceous figures, and nothing like the female aesthetic ideal of the 50s. I can guarantee you that models cards have made up measurements on them, the Agency IS selling them after all, then they have the measurements used for fittings, their true measurements.

I KNEW it was a man. All these super-skinny models with waist size possibly 1 inch difference from their waist…that should be common sense. You mean the most photo shopped magazine in the world? Even from day 1? They men actually believe those images are real. Apparently I should do a post on how to properly measure for a bra and what bra sizes refer to. I need help, could come around, Hiskey and help me fit these C-cups into my Ds? Or I think they are Ds struggling into my Cs.

Using a tape measure wrap it around your back across the center of your nipples the apex. The apex of your bust gives you the size…such as Measure directly under your breasts…. A lingerie representative showed me how…. I came of age in the fifties. Marilyn Monroe certainly was not fat. She had a tiny figure with lots of curves. And I believe she succeeded when no one was there for her, because she became her own mother—her own advocate. She loved and protected herself and took herself wherever she wanted to go.

And she got there. This would be a decent article, except for the fact that at least 5 of the quotes you listed are not actually Marilyn Quotes.

Which quotes are not accurate? I take the accuracy of things on my site very seriously, so if you know of inaccuracies please be specific and, if you happen to know credible references backing up your claim, it would save me some digging to verify what you say. You say you have read My Story and Fragments the only written works from Marilyn herself. The quotes I have listed at the bottom are nowhere to be found in either of those or any other credible biographical work on Marilyn.

I was a journalist before a career change and know the pains of researching credible sources nowadays! Also for the record, Marilyn suffered from endometriosis, gall bladder issues, and other stomach conditions.

She would take enemas to relieve her constipation and other stomach conditions, as they were accepted as a fad prescription from doctors in the day. Not to mention, Marilyn suffered her whole life from fluctuating weight gain and loss, especially in her married days when she became pregnant and settled into domestic life. For example, we see progressive, albeit light, weight gain from and then a sudden weight loss from until her death in But just remember, some come, some go.

Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love. I squealed when I saw your username, Zelda. I was utterly fascinated by Marilyn as a teenager in the 80s, and loved that Zelda Zonk was one of her pseudonyms. Your reply to the real quotes was also fabulous.

Furthermore, the following is a very detailed and accurate collection of Marilyn information specifically quotes with this link from dedicated fans and researchers:. Thanks for the detailed analysis.

I edited the Marilyn Monroe quotes appropriately given your recommendations. And if her IQ were measured to be quite high, more tests would have no doubt been administered, and word would have no doubt gotten out, but the studios would have made sure it was NEVER made public I know about the IQ testing through my own experience with psycho-therapy. I think in a way it is dangerous to peddle Monroe as a size 0, as she has been a pin up for a more natural female form than a lot of what we see today.

This is a direct example of her size, the white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch was recently auctioned off and was put on a mannequin that was a size 2, but they were still unable to zip up the dress as the mannequin was too big.

I think you do need a post about bra sizes…sigh. If she lived now I would estimate she would fit a 28FF or or maybe 28G, ideally she could even be a 26GGG or something — but there is only one brand that makes 26 bras so yeah bit of a problem for small framed ladies.

Though lots of people still do it — that is the reason everyone like Evy I bet wears the wrong size! There is no way someone with a 22 waist would fit a 36, here underbust could not be more than 28! Even if you added the 4 inches you would get a 32 size for someone like her — no where NEAR a 36! Go get bra-ducated people.

I was scouted as a professional model for this reason when I was younger. Its metabolism as much as it is genetics and bodyshape.

Individuals need to pay attention to their own body needs and health needs. Not everyone is built literally to have a size 22 inch waist line. We are all different shapes, statures— and we all have different needs! When one is using needle and thread on a garment, it is sewn.

When one is spreading seed in a field, it is sown. Size in inches is not the only thing that matters.

In beach photos towared the end of her life she has visible cellulite, thighs that touch, and ripples on the sides of her waist. She also had a handful of extra fat on her lower stomach. In general I appreciate this article, and Monroe was certainly far from plus-sized or even average-sized compared to modern women.

Please note, this is not even nearly a reliable indicator of body fat percentage. Yes, thighs fill out at a higher weight, but they also change size with muscularity; and the size at which they touch is determined by hip pelvis width. At least one of those measurements given is way off. So, she was really either a 40 inch bust, or she was only a 32C.

She was well proportioned, but did not have the wasp waist that 22 inches would have given her. The only time her waist looked small was when she was corseted. She was very small whatever her size was. Below are sites with pics of her tiny waist. Do you also have a big bust? How tall are you? I think her waist would look much smaller if it were 22 inches…but she differed throughout her career, with no corset, I think not. Okey, perhaps I can help a bit. I agree with Jasmin, I do not believe Marilyn Monroe waist was only 22 inches in cms I am a very naturally slim person and my shape is also hourglass but not like Marilyn, smaller.

Here, in Australia , I am size a smalll 8 which in America would be sizes I am 4 in Diane Von Furstenberg, to give an example but I was 2 in other brands. I can change sizes according to the brand but I am never more than a 4 American or 8 Australian. My waist is or 60 or 62cms if I am ovulating and my heaps are 90cms and my bust oscillates between cms At first sight my bust may look smaller, that is why I do not trust all the girls who work in shops and apparently can help you with your fitting, they may be trained but they lack criteria, for they always think I am a B or C and a 32!

One of the reasons why I am D is because my breast are not as close as other, and they always stay up gravity and pregnancy never affected them, thank God. I think they mostly do with their waist, because of the mytch! Also, I am very petite 1. Perhaps I can help now about how having the right bust measurement. There is a lot of confusion because until a few years ago the bust were wrongly measured and many still do it now, and believe the old stuff, but now it has change, and yeah, the band is your underbust measurement, and then you have to find the size.

You know what is the beauty of those brands I am using? But I am glad people are clearing this about her weight. Women use to be very tiny before fast food and abundance of soft drinks hit the market.

Here is a direct example of her size, the white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch was recently auctioned off and was put on a mannequin that was a size 2, but they were still unable to zip up the dress as the mannequin was too big.

I thought it was common knowledge that sizes changed over the years due to the ever-expanding girth of people. One issue is the claims about modern models. I do not believe that Marilyn ever came close to a size She had a beautiful figure and my guess has always been that she was about the size of my younger sister who was a size I am built exactly like Marilyn but taller and I was a size in my younger years.

Honestly all the bra talk, who really cares? She probably looked best without one and I suspect that she doffed the bra on many occasions. Why does everyone think a size 16 is big and for fat people? I was a size 16 and only weighed 8st 3lb. I had a large bust and broad shoulders. So a UK 16 would be a US 14 or 12, which is on the upper end of average for us, but we are a fat country. I was a 12 for a few years at one point in my life and I was definitely flabby, but my frame is kind of small.

Oh, and I also have the same issue about the waist being one size smaller than the bust and hips. Tailors are your friend. She was a vintage size , which is more like a nowadays. Vintage sizes are way different and usually run very small with a small waist. So yes, Marilyn Monroe would be a size Unlike these shapeless hollywood women of today. Hollywood wants their women to look like 11 years old boys with perky tits these days.

Miss Monroe also wore Girddles and clothes were actually sewn onto her so a measurement in one dress may be completely different from a dress she would wear out of work. Wow, a size 11? A size 11 would fall right off of me. Wow, that is very interesting. She was so plump. She really looks like she would fit a size 16 today. You clearly just wanted to post your hourglass stats. Seriously, how did you do that? Inquiring minds want to know. Pictures of her look as if she has these measurements, MM has no Everyone I meet thinks I have breast implants.

It IS rarely found naturally. My post baby measurements were , not fun. My measurements were the opposite of yours! You obviously didnt read the whole article…This is a direct example of her size, the white dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch was recently auctioned off and was put on a mannequin that was a size 2, but they were still unable to zip up the dress as the mannequin was too big.

Her upper body is significantly smaller than her lower body. Her measurements are more likely …. I could have a 8th Grade education, is that really so much better? Bridgette Bardot, amazing face and body, Jayne Mansfield …. Monroe will always be a icon due to her presence, femininity, etc.

What did I learn today? A 22 inch waist is what an 8 year old has. This measurement is mad for a healthy woman past puberty. This will be a measurement wearing a corset. Thus was without any type of diet, exercise, or girdle or modification. My mom has 8 sisters, as well, and 6 of those were all very close to this. The measurement under the bust is always the same or larger than the center apex of the bust measurement.

I agree that the 22 waist measurement was with foundation garments. You have to take the clothing of the period into account — it was structured and designed to be worn with foundations. Not bust no hips, not much of a butt. Nature balances shape, unlike modern surgically enhanced bodies.

Eyes can tell you that. You could cut the delusion with a knife. Note that this was also considered rather too large and frowned upon by Hollywood even back in the day.

I actually gasped at how tiny her waist was in How to Marry a Millionaire where she plays a fashion model. First off, any woman less than a C cup was almost always portrayed as unattractive and undesirable whether she was thin or not.

The flatter chested woman was always shown as doing menial work or as the dull wife that the husband was lured away from by the busty MM or Jayne Mansfield. I can tell you if she has a bust size of 35 she cannot have a bra size of 36D. The cup size which is the letter is based on how many inchs out the breasts are from the chest, so the difference between chest size and the bust size.

Since the chest is wider than the waist we would have to assume her underbust messurement will be a bit higher than 22inch which you gave for her waist. I am an hour glass and I have about a 3inch difference between waist and chest so lets assume she was 25inch underbust.

Those bra size charts on google are nonsense. Marilyn might have fitted a 36D from Even so, that puts her in a ye olde band size 30… but bras only used to go up to a cup size of D. You said Luckily, many of her dresses, carefully preserved, are still around to measure off of. What was a 12 in my teenage years is a now.

Sadly we have gotten much bigger. I find it so interesting that her waist was supposedly, 22 inches… did she tight-lace, or wear a lot of corsets when she was younger or in her off time? I know the camera adds a few pounds.

But Reese looks smaller than MM. Thanks for the article. Give the guy a break. Some people are not great writers. He got his points across …. If an article is published on the internet, it should most definitely be up for correction, both in facts and language, by readers.

It improves the article for future readers. As a point of comparison, here are measurements for four major stars of the late s and s:. Her bra size was 34B. This article does not make this difference clear and I have to wonder whether the writer considered this and from where the sources of information came from. It could be they are getting their international wires crossed. Please get a life. Listen marilyn monroe didnt give two craps about how you felt about yourself, she didnt feel good enough about herself to not end it.

Please, get a life, you seriously have nothing better to discuss? Well actually clearly, and me too, clearly. Go back to the dress patterns of the time and you will see that sizes have changed. In s sizes, she may well have been a , but that would be tiny today. Those guys would have a field day here. I use a size 14 dress pattern. Her bra size was nowhere near a 36D. Early in her career as a model and aspiring actress — this would have been during and shortly after the war — she was an active and skilled surfer.

Marilyn loved the ocean and was a good swimmer. She liked to spend time on the beach at Malibu and became friends with many of the crowd of young people who pioneered the surfing lifestyle in the area. Marilyn became famous for her beauty and striking blonde looks, but as a young woman was known among her surfing friends for her athleticism and skill on the waves. AND she was much more intelligent than people realize.

The dippy blonde like the walk referred to in Some Like it Hot was all part of Her act. MM was not ONE size, like ALL people her weight fluctuated sometimes very thin sometimes she has a belly -the size that never changed was her heart which was always monumental she was a beautiful lady but if you think it was all in her looks you are missing out on who she was which was a beautiful person and actress. So now you are underexagerating her size , I think.

Especially since I wore the same bra size! There is no way a 36D would fit in a size 0 unless you were bound like Milan as a boy! This woman was tiny. Did you even see the dress she wore to sing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy? The difference is, she had curves. I could have guessed that this article was written by a man as soon as I saw the bra size. So bra sizes work like this.

The band size is how many inches around your rib cage is, the cup is how many inches larger you are when you factor in the actual boobs. Similarly a 38C and a 34DD fit women who are approximately inches around in the bust but factoring that some women have a larger rib cage to bust ratio and others have a smaller rib cage to bust ratio.

Exactly on the sizing discrepancies. The problem with all this bra discussion is, I think, the idea that there is a standard bra sizing system in place and that this has stayed constant from when Monroe lived to now. We men have it a bit easier there. Jali, no small number of women are clueless about bra sizing. That said, you have a point in that this article was supposed to clear up confusion about sizing, and while it did so for clothes sizes, the same has not been done for bra sizing as is obvious by the comments here.

The point is she was thin. Lets not worry over the bra size. She was size 12 back then, which makes her a size 6 today. I am a woman, and I shop vintage. All you have to do is look at pics of Marilyn back in the day and know that these measurements are bunk. By no means was Marilyn Monroe fat but she definitely did not have a 22 inch waist either. I have seen other white stars from the 50s and she is NOT the hottest.

She was not small. MM was pounds at the time of her death. Have you seen the backstage pix? At age 16 in I was a size 12, 34 36, pounds … not fat sizes were different then they are now…. She was a tiny and curvy woman of average height by any standard.. Jayne Mansfield was , and when you look at photos of her straight on, you can tell.

It shows she has a flat stomach, the waist is the measurement all the way around, and hers is not distinctive in any way in photos straight on. Oh man I wish they still were in business.

Her bra size is wrong. If her measurements were 35 chest, 22 waist her under bust band size would be anywhere from a 26 to a 29 which would make her bra size around a 32 E. Putting a bra on that is 36 D? Adrenne… there is a lot of discussion about bra size, above. Ha, maybe by Hollywood standards and no concept size. There are way too many other articles that contradicts what you are saying her. But hey I guess anything to make her perfect.

Look at her pics and the pic of an average actress or singer today , she was clearly larger. Yup, I said plus size. Plus size does not equal fat. Get over it people. The average woman today is a size Do you know who that woman is, in the photo at the top of the page, with the vanishing midsection?

Well they also wore high rising pants back then. The waistline would cover the belly button. Her pants would actually be fitted at the waist and not around the hips. If anyone has seen the high rising pants before, you would now they round out towards the bottom, so her pants would of fit just fine.

If she was still alive these days, she would probably be wearing leggings or hipster jeans that sit just at the hips. One small problem with this article, is that either the writer is a liar or the sources are. If you do the math, her bust size would actually be 40 inches at the fullest part. This is exactly 5 inches greater than her supposed measurements of I have some good photos of Marilyn when she started her modelling career at age She lost weight again after a gallbladder operation, then gained it back.

If she were alive today, no way would she fit size 0. MM would probably fit into a 28F bra today — almost a sister size of 36D. When she started she was or around that, maybe an inch bigger, when she got fat and she was still gorgeous she was much bigger, I have seen Monroe next to Maria Callas, Callas was a tall woman and very thin and Monroe looked literally double than Callas.

I can believe Callas was 35 inches, not Monroe whatsoever. So what if people are calling Monroe fat? I don;t get that skinny mania size 0 thing, the woman looks overly thin and unhealthy, with no muscles on her, thats not very good at all.

MM standing next to Callas is very small. The waist is incredibly small. I have a 24 inch waist and would seriously struggle getting it on. I make my own clothes and own many vintage patterns. A vintage s to s size 12 pattern has the measurements You can do a search for yourself and confirm this.

A bust measurement is the around the widest part of the breast. The number part of the bra size is the measurement of the rib cage below the breast, where the band goes around. With a 36 inch band size and 35 inch bust her boobs would have to be… concave.

You measure under the boob, then around the fullest part of the boob. How ever many inches apart the numbers are determine the cup size. Dev is right about bra size. I was taught, way before ridiculous low rise jeans, your waist is where you bend sideways. Anyone who called her fat is either jealous, ignorant, or just plain stupid. That said, I wish they would quit making adult clothes for little girls, especially underwear.

I just had to get that in there. I had a inch waist when I was 14, I remember because I had to bring in a dress. It was really tiny looking even on me. I am making no judgement about the attractiveness of either woman, as I think they are both lovely. But I will say that having similar measurements with a height difference of 5 inches means that Elizabeth Hurley is quite a lot skinnier than Marilyn Monroe.

As a woman who is 6 feet tall, reading the measurements quoted in this article means very little to me except in the few cases where the height was also mentioned.

My measurements are quite a bit larger than my friends who are average height, but with the same BMI as mine. I had no idea she was so short.

She and Elvis also. But this poor girl had one crappy life. Who got their just rewards. I believe there is a larger game at play…. When you were younger, were you more in shape, muscle-wise?

I actually know a woman like this who tends to lose weight even as she looks fatter during times she stops her normal workout routine in favor of just cardio or nothing. On that note, this article may be of interest to you. Daven Hiskey No I was way out of shape back then. I was weighing in at 15st. Now I am fit, healthy and a regular at the gym with a free weighs routine, core and a little cardio to keep my heart healthy. I still have some older jeans size 12 which fit me but shopping for our modern sizes I am the measurements for a size 16 according to most measurements and some places a size I am a qualified fitness instructor so I understand that muscle weighs more than fat.

Yes women are mainly and traditionally targeted by marketing, it is also targeted at men and sadly children too. So their height difference is 2 and a half inches, NOT the 5 inches Daven states. Depends on which sources you believe on her height. We are extremely interesting in the finer details here on TIFO.

The firm fitting undergarments of the time helped give the hourglass figure with her waist measurement smaller than the average, ungirdled, woman today. It also, to some extent, stabilized her shape even through minor weight changes in a way that todays stretchy clothes, and stretchy girdles like Spanxx, dont.

The bra size issue is a common one. Women who were taught bra fitting in the 80s and earlier were all taught to take the underbust measurement and add 4 inches to get the band number. Modern bra technology renders the additional numbers unnecessary. Consequently many women are not getting the right amount of support, causing back problems etc.

It does seem to have fluctuated though and she certainly looked considerably larger in her later years. I would be interested to know if any dresses from that stage in her life are still in existence.

Sorry, but back in the day those measurements were for a size I was her size in the sixties. Look at her picks ALL of them. Look at them over a 10 year period. Her weigh fluctuated and being sexy had nothing to do with her weight.

It was her confidence and attitude, the persona she put on. In the late 50;s some like it hot she was a little heavier but most of her life she was a very slender hourglass. What is now a size 8 used to be a size They must accommodate the denial and egos of so many overweight individuals. I am not tiny, small, but not tiny. MM had to be tiny…. I wish we could agree on some international sizing standards — it would make clothes shopping much simpler.

The European ones 40, 42 etc seem to be the most consistent. In Australia M is , S is but each manufacturer is a bit different in regard to actual measurements. Even different ranges from the same manufacturer have different sizing. I do understand the time-consuming and tiring nature of proof reading and I like your undefensive attitude to your critics. I have 2 photos, one showing her doing bench presses, and another showing her jogging in the alleys of Hollywood, wearing sweats.

Or perhaps the studios wanted to perpetuate her image of a magical goddess. Marilyn could have been a size 12 in her day. Clothes are made much bigger now. Sizing changes to reflect the rich so they feel good about themselves, really think about it, how can csize change on an item that is standard, you never hear of mens sizes changing do you? Referring to individual photos of the person in question or even some of her dresses, does not give an accurate picture.

It was also popular for women to be corseted or wear shapewear. Although it is also true that Marilyn enjoyed being naked. Marilyn Monroes weight fluctuated a great deal, throughout her career. At one point, she was what we today would consider overweight at least in media standards. Her weight went up and down so dramatically during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl that the costume designer, Beatrice Dawson, had to create facsimile dresses in different sizes.

Whatever we believe about her size, she was nonetheless very unhappy with a fuller figure. She lost the weight and was really happy with her new slimmer figure, but sadly never overcame her problems with depression. So sad that even today, we are discussing her weight.

She was a beautiful lady. I absolutely love Some Like It Hot. Admittedly, it would have been nothing without the fantastic comedic duo, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. But I believe that is why some larger women tend to cling to this myth that Marilyn looked just like them…they want to feel better about themselves and to be seen as beautiful, too. I know somebody who is pushing lbs. Is she attractive in her own way? Definitely…but to compare herself with a movie star who was teeny-tiny, yet had hourglass curves?

Now I am overweight and I can be honest with myself about it. But I think those that often talk about Marilyn being a poster girl for heavy women are delusional and misinformed.

Most likely they seemed larger because the rest of her was pretty small. I see lots of mistakes on facts, but I see different facts every where on MM. I keep seeing everywhere that she was a 36 D.

Maybe when she was at her biggest weight and that was about lbs. I have been about lbs — lbs most of my life, with a 24 inch waste after having 5 children.

When I was at my biggest not pregnant lbs, I was a 36 C, last clip and it was snug. There is no way that she was lbs with a 22 inch waste line. Our bodies change often. I was lbs in high school, with and A 32 bust. The smallest I weighed was after having my 2nd child was lbs, size zero, or a kids 16 stressed out.

I was a B 32 at that time. And at one time, I was at lbs for about 3 yrs. I was a B 34 during that time. After that I was lbs for a few years. When I got back to my normal weight and had 5 children, I was back to my normal weight lbs, but this time I was a C During pregnancies, I was D And my highest non-pregnancy weight was lbs, and a C last clip. So many details, but I wanted to show you all that our weight can fluctuate many times throughout our lives. Today I am lbs, C Her weight fluctuated, which means so does her bra size.

Maybe I am wearing the wrong bra size but I do know that every time my weight goes up and down, so does my bra size. Marilyn was a lovely size I liked your article, and your commentators. She was a fine, not far off average normal gal with a special spiritual quality. Take into considersation that dress sizing back than is farrrrr from what it is now. Women and measurements ran smaller. My grandmother is a seamstress and has vintage patterns I always use to look through and the size charts are astronomically different, a size 10 is , a size 12 being Naval uniforms are still sized based on old measurements so I was shocked when I was fitted for my uniforms and was given sizes 10 and 12 because I wore a size 4 in jeans at the time.

You need to do your research. I am a size 6 in commercially made cloths. I am a size 14 in pattern sizes for clothing. I am a 16 in antique patterns. I am a seamstress, so I know measurements.

This is a miss understanding, not a myth. Any sewist can explain in more detail if you have questions. The proof that she was NOT fat is shown in the centerfold she posed for in Playboy. Her figure was flawless.

Split and merge into it. I have an 'A' line skirt that is a size 16 and it measures 44 inches around the hip line. Ideal hip size of women? There is no answer to that as women come in all different shapes in sizes. If you'd say you're average weight, I'd say nothing bigger than 35". It depends on her shape. If s … hes tall or small. I'm 5'0" my hips are only 32 inches 14, female and my waist is 22 inches. What is waist measurement for size 16 in womens clothing?

The UK size 16 is a " waist. What are the measurements for Australian womens size 10? Waist measurement of size 0 in women? In America a 23 inch waist equal size zero. What size is a 16 womens in mens size? Measurement of womens Size 14 trousers?

What is the hip measurement for women's size 6? What are the measurement of a size 8 women pants hips and inseam?

What is the ideal bust hips and waist size for a women 5'6?

Clothing bust, waist and hip measurements in inches, with conversions to cm for UK dress sizes, including all the common dress sizes from 8 through to 18 (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18). These sizes are also used in Australia and New Zealand. Oct 08,  · A size 4 would be about 26 inches. Generally you can add 21 or 22 to the dress size (4, 6, 7) and end up with the waist size in inches. Keep in mind that not every size 4 fits the same but . Fashion can be sized according to different measurements, so be sure to select your size based on the Fit Guide found beneath the image on the product page. For example, if the Fit Guide is "Fit by Bust," use your bust measurement to locate your proper size in the HSN size chart.

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